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Bankless Publishing Is Now IndyPen CryptoMedia

Hiro Kennelly and Trewkat Continue Shipping Under a New Mast

Dear Frens,

You may have noticed that Bankless Publishing stopped shipping in late November. If you followed Bankless Publishing on X, you would have recently seen this post:

The text in full:

gm gm Bankless Publishing followers!
As you can see, the name and handle of this profile, formerly Bankless Publishing, is now IndyPen CryptoMedia. Recent developments between BanklessDAO and BanklessHQ demonstrated that we would need BanklessHQ’s permission to continue producing content under the Bankless Publishing name.
Part of what was so exciting about being a project associated with BanklessDAO was the idea that a successful company would enable others to use its brand as a banner for a permissionless global movement centered on self sovereignty. However, after two years of the 'headless brand' experiment, BanklessHQ has decided that the brand does in fact have a head, and access to it must now be controlled.
Instead of working within this unmanageable paradox, we (trewkat and Hiro Kennelly) have decided to move forward as IndyPen CryptoMedia and will no longer be publishing in association with BanklessDAO, even though we still strongly align with bankless values.
We hope you will stay with us as we develop IndyPen to bring you creative and informative content from a variety of authors immersed in different areas of this great new world we call the cryptoverse. Visit to see all previous BP content and look out for our first new article set to ship soon!

And that's what we're about to do: ship our first article. It's about token voting — a recap of presentations from the recent How To DAO event during ETH Istanbul.

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See you in the shipping lanes soon!

Hiro & trewkat

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