The Power of Real-World Connections in the Digital Age

In Forging Paths to New Ways of Organizing, How To DAO Is Leading the Way

Article by Puncar  | Edited by trewkat 

In today’s digital era, where online education and remote work have become the norm, the importance of in-person events often gets overlooked. However, these gatherings foster innovation and community building and serve as highly effective educational experiences. The ‘How To DAO’ (H2D) initiative is at the heart of this movement, aiming to educate and connect people in the ever-evolving world of web3 technology.

The H2D initiative was conceived with the mission of demystifying the realm of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and web3 technology. It began with the creation of an insightful book set to be published by Penguin Random House in 2024. Education plays a pivotal role in adopting frontier technologies, and H2D recognized this as a significant piece of the puzzle.

So we started a movement. In 2023, H2D initiated a series of local conferences to grow local communities and empower builders. These events are platforms to bring together builders, founders, and global web3 thought leaders. By doing so, H2D showcases the possibilities of blockchain and internet-native organizations and brings web3 closer to web2 audiences.

Nowadays when people settle for digital communication and opportunities for human interaction are limited, the importance of meeting people in person cannot be overlooked. Face-to-face interactions build trust, promote understanding, and encourage collaboration. Facilitating authentic connections between individuals who share goals and aspirations is crucial, helping them learn from one another, provide mentorship, and even start businesses together. While online collaboration is convenient, in-person meetings cement community bonds.

Nurturing Innovation Through In-Person Connections

Inspiration can strike at any moment, especially when you least expect it. You may come across posts by leaders in the web3 space on platforms such as Medium, Farcaster, or X. While these articles can be informative, engaging with like-minded individuals is what often leads to ground-breaking innovation. Meeting people who share your passions can open doors to new opportunities, help you better understand their perspectives, and challenge your own ideas. Real-world interactions can also transform short-term projects into long-term endeavors, providing a unique opportunity to connect with others on a deeper level.

Blockchain and decentralized technology are no longer exclusive to the tech industry. The web3 ecosystem encompasses various fields: decentralized science, decentralized finance, decentralized non-profits, digital art, and more. True innovation lives at the intersections of industries and expertise. Attending real-world events exposes you to a multitude of possibilities.

Hundreds of examples exist whereby seemingly “random” encounters make history. One of my favorites is the story of Richard Garfield, who, after years of working on his traditional game, met Peter Adkison, the visionary behind Wizards of the Coast game company. Though initially interested in Garfield’s board game, RoboRally, Adkison’s entrepreneurial instincts were seeking something more — a portable, expansive game with the potential for continual growth. Under the verdant canopies of Oregon’s trails, Garfield’s eureka moment struck: the transformation of his existing Five Magics game concept into a collectable card game where players could weave their personalities into decks, creating a unique gaming identity.

This meeting of minds led to feverish months of design, drawing from an eclectic mix of games like Cosmic Encounter, birthing a game system where cards could sometimes overrule established norms. Richard Garfield’s brainchild, ultimately christened Magic: The Gathering was set to become more than just a game; it would be an ever-evolving universe, an eternal gathering of minds and strategies. Magic: The Gathering became a tremendous success, acquired by Hasbro for $325 million and having printed more than 20 billion cards.

The ‘How To DAO’ initiative gained momentum after we, Puncar and Owocki, attended Consensus 2022 in Austin, Texas. Although we had already worked together in Gitcoin, being in the same place and meeting face-to-face created a magical moment, leading us to pursue the idea further. After a few emails and a couple of months of work and dedication, we had a publisher and multiple partners on board. We might’ve never gotten it off the ground without that in-person chat.

Be a Part of the Future of Web3

We’re excited to invite you to our upcoming event in Istanbul on Monday, November 13. The H2D journey began with a successful event in Paris in July this year, and we’re thrilled to keep the momentum going with more events planned in 2024 across cities like Denver, Dubai, and Brussels. Our gatherings offer workshops, talks, and parties — all crafted for expanding your horizons, facilitating networking, learning, and having a great time in the web3 world.

We owe our success to an ever-expanding pool of trusted partners: Divinity, Tally, Commonwealth, Dexe, UMA, Nethermind, Giveth, ZKX, VitaDAO, Mangrove, and our media partner, Bankless Publishing.

In an increasingly digital world, we appreciate the value of real-world connections. Our events bring together people with different backgrounds, industry experience, and competencies to learn, collaborate, and innovate. Whether you’re an artist, a developer, a student, or an entrepreneur — there’s a place for you in the web3 ecosystem.

If you want to discover what’s possible in this internet-native world, join us at a ‘How To DAO’ event near you. Be part of the future of web3.

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